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Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine

Ukrainian Antarctic Centre


Research projects in Sixth Ukrainian Antarctic expedition 2001-2002

Vernadsky Station

1) Medical-biological research during preparing the winterers before and after wintering, 2) Research during winter 2001-2002, 3) Research during a summer season of 2001.

1. Medical-biological research during preparing the winterers

1.1. Preparation of winterers and Medical-biological examinations of winterers before and after wintering. Realization of the preparatory training of winterers. The development of the methods medical psychoanalysis and examination of the future staff of the station. The particular parameters of psychological condition of the crew members has been developed. Forecast of group activity of crew. The general clinical expert survey of the members of the Antarctic expedition on assignment to the international certificate health.

Examination of overlays of systems of breath, circulation of the blood and physical work capacity of the participants of expedition. Study of reaction of breath, circulation of the blood, gas circulatory systems organism on effect of the particular Antarctic factors, such, as breath in conditions of a hypoxia of a breathing medium.

The determination of the immune characteristics. Realization of an expert estimation of suitability to participation on the Antarctic expedition on the basis of given of clinical survey, examination of overlays body and reaction on the test loading tests. Rehabilitation of winterers and monitoring of their condition of health.

1.2. Research during a winter.

The following nine directions of research are provided at the station during a wintering:

Meteorology, hydrology, climate

Atmospheric physics and Upper atmosphere physics

Study of secular variations of a geomagnetic field

Ozone physics



Ecology, monitoring of an environment


Medical-physiological research

1.2.1. Meteorology, hydrology, climate

The complete meteorological observations under the reference program of a World Meteorological Organization with the modular automatic station of weather (MAWS) are provided.

Observation over marine tides with automatic tide gauge. Calculation of monthly average parameters of weather and preparation in a format "CLIMAT" for Committee on hydrometeorology of Ukraine.

Samples of sediments for an isotopic analysis in MAGATE.

During field works in a coastal zone of continent and ambient islands the features of local wind circulations will be improved, to be conducted examination variability of the characteristics of various types of marine ice - thickness, duration of preservation of a proof winter ice cover, quantity and sizes of icebergs, and ice fields. The drawing up of the items of information for passing courts to a spring and summer season is provided. Study of interrelation ozone layer and synoptic situation of region. The measurements of a muddiness of water of an atmosphere will be prolonged.

The hydrological examinations on station Vernadsky with usage salt measuring, bathometers and marine rotator for realization of hydro chemical and dynamic monitoring in harbor area of the Argentina Islands is conducted.

The new project: Study of the seasonal dimensioned - temporary vacillation of fields of the hydro optical characteristics in region of station Vernadsky. Establishment of correlation connections of hydro-optical characteristics with biological and hydrological parameters. Study of effect of anthropogenesis activity in region of the station.

1.2.2. Atmosphere physics and Upper atmosphere physics

The research of natural electromagnetic fields, upper atmosphere, marine surface and ice cover in region of the Antarctic Peninsula. The monitoring and prevention of an electromagnetic pollution in Antarctica.

The effect of changes of parameters of a solar wind and solar activity on condition of an ionosphere of high geographical latitudes and average geomagnetic latitudes is provided. The study of features of geomagnetic variations in Antarctic Region and influence of magnetic and ionosphere processes in system a magnetosphere - ionosphere - atmosphere, and also search of relations between magnetic variations, dynamics ozone layer and other atmospheric parameters will be conducted.

The research of an ionosphere with the purpose of determination of ionosphere effects called by geomagnetic activity, perturbations of a various type in magnetic conjugate region, and revealing of possible effect of seismic activity on condition of an ionosphere above station.

Measurement in a short-wave band.

Sounding of an ionosphere with ionosonde ISP-42 daily through each 15 minutes and primary processing of ionograms. The monthly average significances of the relevant ionospheric characteristics.

The development of the equipment and software for digitizing of the ionospheric sounding data.

Research in ULF band.

The new project: examination of resonant fluctuations of system "the Earth - ionosphere " – so called Schuman resonances with frequencies 8, 14, 20, 26, 32 Hz. Study of changes of levels of resonant modes and significances of frequencies, corresponded to changes of capacities of global thunderstorm centres, their site and characteristics of the inferior ionosphere. The registration ULF of fields will be conducted synchronously in two sites – Antarctica and Ukraine.

1.2.3. Research of long-term changes of a geomagnetic field.

The research of the fine structure of a geomagnetic field of Southern hemisphere and its connection with long-term climatic changes is provided.

The magnetometric data are received by registration of three components of a magnetic field. The data collection of a daily rate of components of a magnetic field is carried out in a mode of continuous record. The new project: the establishment on Vernadsky station of the equipment of satellite transfer of the magnetic data (system DCP) for initialization of the Vernadsky to a global network of the geomagnetic data INTERMAGNET was provided. Installing of the induced magnetometers LEMI-115 and joining with the receiver of Schuman resonance. Providing the comparative analysis of long term magnetic observations with ozone, weather, ionosphere and tide data.

1.2.4. Ozone physics.

With the purpose of revealing long-time changes of ozone layer above the Antarctic Peninsula the measurement of total contents of ozone is executed. The measurements are carried out under the reference schedule with the help to a Dobson spectrophotometer.

The study biologically active ultraviolet radiation with the help of bio-dosimeter on the basis of transformations of vitamin D.

1.2.5. Seism-acoustics.

Establishment, introduction in operation and adaptation to local geophysical conditions of a complex of the equipment seism-acoustics. The complex consists of seismic station and acoustic unit. The equipment allows to register given, sufficient for the solution of problems of registration, isolation and identifications of seismic waves with opportunities of determination of a site of a source on tele-seismic distances.

1.2.6. Glaciology.

Study of dynamics and mass-balance of glaciers of archipelago the Argentina Islands and Antarctic Peninsula (in region of the Vernadsky Station).

1.2.7. Ecology, monitoring of an environment.

The constant monitoring bio-ecosystem of the Argentina Islands is provided. The determination of a rate of fouling of harbour area by the household residuals. Realization spectral analysis of a seasonal water pollution (including structure of a fresh (potable) water).

1.2.8. Biological research

There will be prolonged continuous biological examinations of structure fauna of region of the Argentina Islands.

Research of adaptation features of separate species. The determination specifically and quantitative structure nested and migratory birds, phenology of the basic biological objects. The revealing of the population characteristics and nested life observation between species and inside species relations the ringing of birds. is provided.

Research and monitoring of the condition of populations marine mammals and birds in region of the Vernadsky station, according to the international agreements on environment protection of an Antarctic Region. An estimation of number of the basic groups of the species in dynamics and account of volume of consumption by them a krill in region of archipelago the Argentina Islands, study seasonal, in-between-seasonal population with the purpose of making a databank morphological and phenotypic signs.

Research of genetic structure of krill population using the modern methods of biochemical genetics for an estimation of dynamics them genofund and forming of units of a stock.

1.2.9. Medical-biology research.

Research of the influence of the geophysical factors (ionospheric, geomagnetic, weather disturbances, fluctuatings of a flow UV - radiation in a biologically active band) on the health of the person on the basis of the general analysis of temporary variations of a heart rhythm and variations of geophysical parameters in Northern (Kola Peninsula) and Southern (Vernadsky Station) regions.

The psycho-physiological test of winterers at all stages of the winter. The research of the dynamics changes of parameters of maximum nervous activity and intellectual work capacity during a wintering, dynamics of condition cardio-respiratory, nervous, immune and antioxidant systems of the winterers during long stay in conditions of the Antarctic station.

Examination of effect of a medical complex "Bioregulator" on organism of winterers in the extreme conditions. Development and introduction tele-medical technologies.

Connection between reference samples ULF-disturbances of atmospheric pressure, meteorological phenomena and functional condition of the person.

The collection of the statistical data about daily quantity of diseases, collateral displays in winterers in correlation between a daily spectrum meteorological and geophysical parameters and morbidity and work capacity winterers.

1.3. Research during a summer season of 2001.

1.3.1. Geology and geophysics, electromagnetic sounding and magneto-tectonic research

Continuation magneto-tectonic research in region of the and magneto-tectonic research at the Vernadsky station for study of local changes of a geomagnetic field with the course of time, which stipulated by physicochemical processes in a lithosphere of the Earth.

Estimation of structure, age and potential ore-bearing rock, the geological study of Antarctic continent for terigeneous sediments of a shelf.

Sampling of an additional collection of mountain breeds samples in region of the Argentina Islands and nearby territory of the Antarctic Peninsula for geochronology, paleo-magnetic, petrophysical and mineral analyses. Measurement of elements "crack” for tectonic-physical research.

Sampling of terigeneous sediments of a shelf of Antarctic Continent in zones of glacier unloading in the Vernadsky station region.

1.3.2. Monitoring of effect of tourist activity on the Vernadsky station region.

The beginning of examinations of effect of growing tourist activity on the Vernadsky station region – Petermann Island, Yalour Island, Uruguay Island.


Dr. Valery Lytvynov Director Ukrainian Antarctic Center

Dr. Gennadi Milinevsky Deputy Director of Science Ukrainian Antarctic Center